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Renowned for its dedication to excellence, sustainability, and workmanship, Quince & Co. is a shining example in the knitting and fiber arts community. Since its founding, Quince & Co. has enthralled knitters all over the world with its magnificent assortment of yarns, which are painstakingly acquired from natural fibers and spun into opulent skeins that stimulate the imagination and push projects to new limits. Quince & Co. guarantees that every skein of yarn reflects the highest levels of integrity and environmental responsibility through a commitment to ethical sourcing and production.

In addition to its exceptional selection of yarn, Quince & Co. offers an extensive collection of knitting patterns, each of which is a creative work of art that highlights the allure of handwoven materials. These patterns, which range from classic favorites to cutting-edge inventions, showcase the brand’s ongoing commitment to encouraging creativity and giving knitters of all skill levels the confidence and flair to set out on their own fiber journeys.

Quince & Co. is also a thriving center for the knitting community, providing a plethora of information, guides, and inspiration to knitters worldwide. Quince & Co. creates a sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie that crosses boundaries and unites knitters in a shared love of the craft through its dedication to learning and connecting.