Every so often, we’ve all combed through web pages, searching for online coupons and promo codes to find a sweet deal on our favorite online website.

Yet, all too frequently, our efforts can culminate in disappointment, as we encounter expired or invalid coupons, leaving us feeling frustrated with an empty shopping cart.

We, at BookMyCoupon understand the importance of coupons in your online shopping experience and the frustration that comes with unreliable ones. 

That’s why we’re on a mission to revolutionize coupon marketing by bringing you only the best coupons from retailers from not only America but all around the globe. 

BookMyCoupon is a website that aims to make savings simpler and more reliable for everyone.

This article explores how BookMyCoupon is changing the coupon marketing game with its innovative approach.

What is BookMyCoupon and what is our goal? 

Our journey with BookMyCoupon started small, with just a handful of merchants and local stores by our side.

But from those humble beginnings, we’ve managed to grow into a thriving hub of savings, with coupons and deals from a wide range of online shopping websites and retailers, big and small. 

We’ve joined hands with popular brands like Adidas, Skims, Fashion Nova and Dunkin Donuts to niche favorites like Ace and Texas Roadhouse.

Whether it’s fashion, food, lifestyle or Technology – we make sure that our website has something in store for everyone. 

Looking to be more than just another run-of-the-mill coupon site, BookMyCoupon is rather a labor of love crafted with one simple mission in mind: to become your ultimate destination for scoring big discounts on all your online purchases.

No more scouring the internet endlessly for a coupon that might or might not work—instead, BookMyCoupons provides you with most authentic and reliable coupons, right to your virtual doorstep.

As we grow, we’re determined to stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the couponing world, like Groupon, Rakuten, and RetailMeNot, offering you unparalleled savings and an unbeatable shopping experience.

Why choose coupons: The importance of coupons in E-commerce 

Coupons are essential in the world of e-commerce, wielding immense influence whether it is about driving sales, fostering customer loyalty, and increasing brand visibility. 

Seeing how competitive the online marketplace has become, coupons offer businesses a valuable means to attract and retain customers in the long term. 

Not only do coupons bring in new customers to try out their products or services, but they also encourage repeat purchases as smart shoppers can capitalize on savings opportunities. 

Statistics don’t lie: 

  • In 2021, over 337 million digital coupons were redeemed in the United States
  • Coupons influence 86% of consumers to try new products.
  • 73% of women use coupons to buy clothing and accessories.
  • 70% of millennial shoppers claim that a discount or coupon often determines their final purchase decision.
  • By 2025, 80% of online shoppers will use a coupon or discount code at least once a month.

Through these statistics, it is evident that coupons hold significant sway in the purchasing decisions of consumers and are equally beneficial for the brands. 

Additionally, coupons serve as effective marketing tools, helping with brand recognition and drawing attention to specific products or campaigns. 

Ultimately, coupons create a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and consumers, driving growth and success in the world of e-commerce.

Some more benefits of coupons for E-commerce

  1. Increased Sales: Coupons hold immense power in driving sales in the world of e-commerce. By extending discounts or promotions, businesses effectively motivate customers to seize purchasing opportunities they may have otherwise deferred or disregarded. This surge in sales proves especially impactful during sluggish periods or when introducing new untested products to the market.
  2. Customer acquisition and retention: Coupons are an effective tool for both attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Research shows that 68% of consumers are more likely to try a new product or service if they have a coupon code for it. For new customers, the allure of a discount can be the motivation to try a new product and make that initial purchase. Meanwhile, coupons offer existing customers a compelling reason to continue using a brand, as they eagerly seize opportunities to save on their favourite products or services.
  3. Improved Brand Visibility and Awareness: Coupons not only drive sales but also serve as a potent marketing tool, significantly increasing brand visibility and engagement. One research indicates that 72% of consumers share coupons with friends and family, extending a brand’s reach to new potential customers. Each redeemed coupon becomes a vehicle for introducing the brand to a broader audience, sparking interest and engagement.
  4. Data Collection and Insights: Coupons provide businesses with valuable data and insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. By tracking coupon usage and redemption rates, businesses can gain valuable insights into their target audience’s buying habits, allowing for more targeted marketing campaigns and product offerings.

How BookMyCoupon works – Our guiding principles and work ethics 

Here at BookMyCoupon, we operate with a heart-driven commitment to our core principles and values. Transparency, integrity, and a deep dedication to our users guide every decision we make. 

We believe in laying out the facts plainly and clearly for our users, ensuring they trust us implicitly when it comes to finding the best deals in the market. 

Integrity is at the forefront of everything we do – we believe in fairness and honesty, whether we’re dealing with our cherished customers or our valued partner brands. 

What truly sets us apart from other brands in the market is our unwavering focus on you, the customer. Your needs and preferences are our top priority. 

By placing your satisfaction above all else, we’re constantly striving to make your experience with BookMyCoupon a delightful journey.

How do we source our coupons? 

At BookMyCoupon, we take great pride in the way we source our coupons and promo codes. It’s all about ensuring our users get access to the absolute best deals out there. 

Our team works tirelessly, combs through every expanse of the internet to find discounts from all sorts of online retailers, big names, and hidden gems alike.

But it doesn’t stop there; we also build strong relationships with businesses all across America.

These partnerships mean we can secure exclusive deals and promotions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether we’re teaming up directly with brands to bring you special discounts or curating coupons from affiliate networks, our mission is clear: to provide you with a wide range of savings opportunities. 

And most importantly, we’re dedicated to making sure every coupon and promo code on our platform is genuine, up-to-date, and truly valuable.

Ensuring Coupon Validity and Relevance

Here at BookMyCoupon, ensuring that our users have access to valid coupons is a top priority. We take a thorough approach to make sure every coupon you find on our platform is genuine and up-to-date. 

Our dedicated team goes the extra mile, carefully checking each coupon for expiration dates, terms, and any possible limitations before we share them with you.

Plus, we stay in constant touch with our network of partner merchants, promptly addressing any changes or updates to their promotions. 

To top it off, we regularly review and clean up our coupon database to remove any expired or invalid coupons ensuring that our users have access to only the most reliable savings opportunities. 

With these proactive steps, we’re committed to offering you a couponing experience that’s reliable and trustworthy, so you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.

Strategies BookMyCoupon uses for verifying coupon validity

  1. Thorough Manual Checks: Our team verifies each coupon before featuring it on our platform, conducting comprehensive checks for expiration dates, terms, and conditions to ensure accuracy and validity.
  2. Constant Communication with Partners: We maintain close relationships with our network of partner merchants, staying in constant communication to promptly address any changes or updates to their promotions, ensuring that our users always have access to the most up-to-date deals.
  3. Regular Database Audits: We conduct regular audits of our coupon database to remove any expired or invalid coupons, keeping our platform free from outdated offers and providing users with only the most reliable savings opportunities.
  4. User Feedback Monitoring: We actively monitor user feedback and reports regarding coupon validity, swiftly investigating any issues raised by our community to rectify them promptly and maintain the trust and satisfaction of our users.

To conclude: Why Choose BookMyCoupon? 

BookMyCoupon emerges as the ultimate go-to for both brands and shoppers alike.

Whether you’re a brand aiming to boost sales or a savvy shopper looking to save big on your online purchases, BookMyCoupon is your best ally. 

For brands, our platform serves as a gateway to heighten your brand exposure and attract fresh customers with tailored promotions and exclusive deals. 

Meanwhile, for shoppers, BookMyCoupon offers a ton of savings opportunities, ensuring that every online shopping spree comes with generous discounts and exciting promotions. 

With our steadfast dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction, BookMyCoupon becomes your trusted companion, guiding you through the world of online shopping with ease and confidence.