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About store:

Peacock TV is a streaming service operated by NBCUniversal, offering a wide range of entertainment content to subscribers. Launched in July 2020, Peacock has quickly become a major player in the competitive streaming landscape.

Peacock TV aims to provide viewers with access to a diverse selection of TV shows, movies, news, sports, and original programming. Its library includes content from various NBCUniversal-owned networks and studios, including NBC, Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and more. This expansive catalogue caters to a broad audience demographic, from families seeking children’s programming to fans of classic sitcoms and blockbuster films. One of Peacock’s standout features is its tiered subscription model, which offers viewers a range of options to access content. The service offers a free tier, providing limited access to select titles supported by advertisements. For those looking for a more comprehensive experience, Peacock offers premium subscription tiers with ad-supported and ad-free options. These premium tiers unlock additional content, including exclusive originals and early access to NBC’s late-night shows.

How to use your Peacock TV promo codes?

1. Sign Up or Log in: If you don’t already have an account, visit the Peacock TV website or app to sign up. If you’re already a member, log in to your existing account.

2. Select Subscription Plan: Choose the subscription plan that you’d like to apply the promo code to. Peacock TV typically offers both free and premium subscription options.

3. Apply Promo Code: During the sign-up or subscription process, you’ll usually find a field labelled “Enter Promo Code” or similar. Paste the promo code you copied earlier into this field.

4. Verify and Apply: After pasting the code, verify that it’s correct and then apply it to your subscription.

5. Complete Subscription: After confirming the discount, complete the subscription process by entering your payment details and any other required information.

Tips to save more money on Peacock 

Use the Free Tier: Peacock offers a free tier with limited content that includes ads. Consider using this option if you don’t mind advertisements and want to access some of Peacock’s content for free.

Share Subscriptions: Consider sharing a premium Peacock subscription with family or friends to split the cost. Peacock allows multiple profiles on a single account, making it easy to share access with others while still enjoying premium content.

Subscribe Annually: Peacock offers an annual subscription option, which is typically cheaper on a per-month basis compared to a monthly subscription. If you’re committed to using Peacock long-term, opting for an annual subscription can save you money in the long run.

What modes of payment are accepted by Peacock? 

Peacock typically accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)
  • Debit Cards  (Visa or Mastercard)
  • PayPal


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Peacock TV cost?

Peacock TV offers several subscription tiers, including a free tier with limited content and ads, as well as premium tiers with additional content and ad-free options. Prices may vary depending on the subscription plan.

What devices can I watch Peacock TV on?

Peacock TV is available on a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, streaming media players, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and web browsers. Some examples include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS devices, Android devices, and web browsers.

What content is available on Peacock TV?

Peacock TV offers a vast library of TV shows, movies, exclusive original series, live sports, news, and more. Content includes popular NBCUniversal shows and movies, as well as original programming produced specifically for Peacock.

Is there a free trial available?

Peacock TV offers free trials for its premium subscription tiers for new subscribers. The availability and duration of free trials may vary depending on promotional offers.

How do I cancel my Peacock TV subscription?

You can cancel your Peacock TV subscription at any time through your account settings on the Peacock website or app. Follow the prompts to cancel your subscription, and your access will end at the end of your current billing cycle.