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For both fashionistas and sneakerheads, Extra Butter is a specialized streetwear and sneaker shop that provides a carefully chosen assortment of clothes, accessories, and footwear.

Extra Butter, a company founded in 2007, has gained recognition for its distinctive take on sneaker culture, incorporating elements of storytelling, art, and movies into its business identity.

Extra Butter offers clients a carefully chosen assortment of products that mirror the newest trends in streetwear and sneaker culture, with an emphasis on limited edition releases and exclusive collaborations.

For sneakerheads to interact, share their love, and learn about new releases, their retail locations in Long Island and New York City act as hubs.

Extra Butter is unique because of its dedication to narrative. A story or theme influenced by popular culture, music, or film is introduced with every new product launch, giving the shopping experience more depth and significance. In addition to differentiating Extra Butter from other stores, this strategy fosters a feeling of excitement and connection among its patrons.

Extra Butter is more than simply a sneaker shop; it’s a cultural center where narrative, fashion, and art all come together to give customers an unforgettable and engaging shopping experience.