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In 2017, Lex Nevin produced Dressed in Lala on the snow-covered hills of Utah. After working her first job after graduating from college and feeling utterly uninspired, she started her Lala journey. Lex took a leap for her dream with a $3000 credit card and a little trepidation. She hasn’t stopped running since.

Nevin’s multi-million dollar brand was created by her by being herself. Her thing has always been rebellious style. For the lady who doesn’t want to fit in, Dressed in Lala is bold, unapologetic, and unexpected. The fashion brand’s signature colors, large silhouettes, and pattern mixing are major components. Though it’s unclear if anyone would identify with her sense of style, Nevin has developed a female fan base that is almost as devoted to the brand as a cult.

Nevin advises, “Forget everything you’ve ever learned about fashion.” “There are no rules; that is the sole rule. We are reclaiming our authority in a society where women are continuously told who they should be, what to dress, and how to look.